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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What platform does CS Inventory Software run on?

A: CS Inventory Software is designed to run on Microsoft® Windows XP® with minimum requirements of Pentium III, 128MB RAM, 100MB HardDisk space.

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Q: What is the Internet price of CS Inventory Software?

A: CS Inventory Software is currently available for US$399/- for a single user license and can be used for your business needs. Based on your requirements, we do additional programming and reporting which are chargeable.

Q: Can I buy online?

A: Yes, you can buy online using our authorised retailer www.2checkout.com.

Our products are listed in the 2co.com products list at - 2co.com Products List

Q: Do you accept Credit Cards?

A: Yes, Our authorised retailer 2CO currently accepts:

American Express
Diners Club

All derivatives of these brands are also supported.

2CO will also accept:

Electronic Check Drafts - also known as ACH or Digital Checks.
FXSource - Direct electronic funds transfer service.

Q: What do I see on my Credit Card Statement?

A: You will see an entry for 2CO.com billing with us for 'CSINVENSW' for CS Inventory Software billing based on the number of modules, licenses which you have purchased.

Q: Can I upgrade my license from single user to multiple user later?

A: Yes, with our auto update facilities, we issue a new license number which when you key-in the license will be updated for multiple users.

Q: Is CS Inventory Software suitable for me?

A: Our software has been tried and tested out for more than 10 years. Our list of partial clientele are listed in the Customers Page.
We would be glad to serve you. Looking forward for your order!

Q: How do I uninstall CS Inventory Software?

A: CS Inventory Software is limited to the directory which was indicated for the installation and data catalogs which are assigned to the individual client. No DLLs or other files is scattered somewhere on the non removable disk or any entries are deposited in the registry. Thus no special de-installation is necessary. If CS Inventory Software is to be deinstalled it is enough to delete the basic directory of the program and the data catalogs of the client.

Q: How do I register for CS Inventory Software?

A: A registration is necessary, in order to use the software for an unlimited period. (Menu ?, command Registration) - Following is to be entered in the associated mask:

Company name
Input their company name. This input is freely selectable.

Serial number
Here a serial number is to be entered for de-energising. They receive this serial number from Computer Service. In order to received a serial number, they fill out the form for registration and send it at Computer Service. The request for a serial number can take place either in writing, by fax or by mail.

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Top Features

CS Inventory Software's top features include -

  • Multi Client, Multi User
  • Multi Currency
  • Comprehensive Help
  • Item & Stock Management
  • Multi location Storage
  • Address management
  • Order Processing
  • Barcode Compatibility
  • Integrated Accounting Module
  • User friendly Interface
  • Customisable Reports
  • Production management -      Planning and resources
  • RMA (Return Material       Acknowledgement)
  • Textile, colors and sizes
  • Contract management
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